Clayburn Comforts Soap & Body Works

In 1998 my daughter and I took a class together to learn how to make soap.  Little did I know the path I was about to embark upon.  Simply put, I got hooked on being able to control what I was using on my body every day.  Soap making lead to lotions and creams, shampoo, muscle rubs and deodorants - anything I previously purchased for personal care I was now able to make naturally, without all the chemical additives.  Soon family and friends wanted me to make the same products for them and so a business was created.


I have always looked to natural remedies for whatever ailment or injury threatened my family, so it was an easy decision to use only pure essential oils for both their therapeutic qualities and natural fragrance.  I then studied the principles of aromatherapy at the West Coast Institute of Aromatherapy, so I could confidently use essential oils in all my formulas.

Our Foreman's Cottage - 1996
Our Foreman's Cottage - 1996

In 2000, my husband and I purchased a Foreman's Cottage in historic Clayburn Village and set about to restore it.  Our dream was to also rebuild an old out-building as a separate studio where I could make and sell soaps and other aromatherapy products.  During the cottage restoration, when we were called upon to clean approximately 8,000 bricks, I was inspired to mold by soaps into brick-shaped bars.

In 2005 we set about to convert the old "chicken coop" into our soap studio.

A unique, local product was born and our shop officially opened in July 2005.  

In November 2010, we were honored to receive the 2010 Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce Home Based Business Excellence Award!

2010 Business Excellence Award Winner
Rick Rake (Click Media Works) and Sue

Due to issues beyond our control, we had to close our lovely shop after 14 years and in August of 2019 all transactions were converted to online only.

At that time we decided to look forward to our semi-retirement and purchased a little home in Powell River on the Sunshine Coast. In the Spring of 2020, finding a Clayburn brick buried in the flower bed of our future home filled us with joy and confirmed we were on the right path!

In the summer of 2023 we were finally ready to leave our day jobs and move. Our combined 'shops' are currently under construction and we hope to be making soaps, face care, lotions, etc. early in 2024! 


Biodegradable Shrinkwrap System

Our handcrafted soaps retain all their natural glycerin, leaving your skin soft and smooth, never dry or irritated. We're confident that once you try our organic soaps and other products, you too will be hooked on surrounding yourself with natural comforts.


Tested on us, not our pets.

Experience the spiritual and physical benefits of Aromatherapy with pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.

Mother Nature's Gift.